Gold Rush & 316 Mining is Where it’s at!

I have been a fan of Gold Rush and the guys since day one. I cannot think of an episode where they did not drive me crazy with the amount of screw ups and mishaps while mining for gold. I mean the show can be really frustrating to watch sometimes. Even now in 2012 they are still screwing up!

Give up my job ANYTIME!!

I tell you this though… I would give up my job in an instance to be up there digging for gold and trying to find a fortune for my family and future. That is the allure of the show I think. So many people would love to do what the Hoffmans’ and the guys are doing, but would never even fathom it.
Sure they mess up constantly, but again they are rookie gold mines, well they are getting there. Every episode they are learning more and doing better. The fact they are pulling in more gold in a week now then they were in a year says something. The fact they held on and were able to get gold investors is another plus. All in all I know I would be there if I could.

As for the other guys Fred and Parker? I like those guys a lot too. Fred ehh not some much, but Parker can be pretty cool sometimes and again that is something I would have dreamed about doing while in high school so good for him.

I wanted to create the site to have some fun and vent and all the other fun things a fan site can do. I will try to post about the new shows as much as I can so stay tuned. Be sure to leave comments, questions etc…

Dave Turin

dave-turinI like Dave a lot. When they first brought Dave in I thought he was going to really turn things upside down. Don’t get me wrong I think in a way he did. He really streamlined things in season one and put a lot of work in there for Dakota Fred to take advantage of. I give him credit for leaving the family business too! This season his little hiccup with the wrong claim was a bit WTH moment, but he fixed it and now they are at what… almost 90 ounces? Go Indian Creek team!

Here is a full bio at Discovery. Dave Turin BIO


Quick info abotu Dave Turin

AGE: 52

BACKGROUND: Quarry Manager


Jack Hoffman

jack-hoffman-gold-rush-alaskaYah gotta love Jack Hoffman. He is the old man of the group and has the most experience mining for gold back in the day. Jack is one of those old guys who gets on my nerves and is trying to tell you how to do stuff. Of course you never listen to the old people, then when you screw up and actually listen it works lol. That is Jack to me. There has been so many times they did not listen to him then did and his idea worked. Yeah there are also times where he screwed up too, but what can you do. Plus he owns the dog so he rocks!!

Check out his Discovery profile here. Full Jack Hoffman BIO

Quick info about Jack Hoffman

They call him the inspiration

AGE: 65

BACKGROUND: Gold Miner, Bush pilot, Ex-Military


Todd Hoffman

Todd-HoffmanTodd is the man! Todd is the…. well you can call him whatever  you want. Sure he has messed up a ton during the seasons, but he admits it and I have to say he can be pretty humble about it sometimes. I always here “Christians” calling him out on stuff and saying he can be a bad example. Well I think if we had you on camera we would see some crazy things too. Also do not look at Todd to make your choices. Look to Jesus. Todd is going to let you down every time and if you watch him for him to make mistakes then it will happen.

You can read his full Bio here at discovery. Todd Hoffman BIO

Quick info -

Todd is the Boss

AGE: 41

BACKGROUND: Aviation Business


Gold Rush Show Pictures

Here are some images from the show Gold Rush. I hope to pull in a lot more so give me time.